Finally smart numbers for smartphones

Your mobile phone is finally free! With TextMe Up, your phone service works just like your email.

Meet TextMe Up!

Your mobile phone is finally free!

Despite all the amazing innovation, your actual phone still works the same way it did ten years ago, with one number and all your contacts and conversations locked into one device. That’s why we created the revolutionary TextMe Up app.

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What if numbers work like email?

With TextMe Up, your phone service works just like your email. You’re free to call or text anyone in the world, even if they’re not TextMe Up users. You can also create multiple numbers and manage them from one account.

More numbers...

One account & multiple numbers

So, if you’re selling an item online, you can create a TextMe Up number just for that. And if you’re dating, you can create a number just for that as well, keeping all the different parts of your life separate and safe. You can even create an international number for when you’re traveling, or chatting with friends overseas.

Access from your phone and tablet...

Use TextMe Up on all devices

Just like your email, you can use TextMe Up from anywhere. Make a real phone call from your tablet or iPad. Or if you lose your phone, log in to your account on a tablet or another phone and communicate like normal.

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